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Karakilcik Wheat: The Food of our Ancestors

About us

Anatolian Sun was born thanks to the passion of Murat Menilik, who was actually a CPA and Advisor, for going back to farming, following footsteps of his ancestors. This passion came true with Eylül Harvest Farm, which is named after Eylül, his daughter.

Murat Menilik who was looking for new and healthy food to avoid unhealthy products offered to consumers, today, at shelves of markets, met 'Karakılçık Wheat’ which is almost extinct in Anatolia yet has remained unspoiled for thousands of years until the present day. He decided to revive the farming, a craft he inherited from his grandfather, with a view to helping this wheat type survive and increasing its use in the daily life.

He started growing Karakilcik Wheat in his field in Erzincan, at a height of 1600 meters, above which no plane flies and which has no highway passing nearby. As he got to know the region over the time, he started producing 100% natural honey at an altitude of 1900 meters. Honey is produced in two forms. The first one is ‘Astragalus’ Honey derived from astragalus with numerous benefits, and the second one is 'Extracted Honey’. Finally, Mr. Menilik who started growing Green Village Lentil in a highland, near Niksar, with an altitude of 1200 meters continues to discover foods given by the Anatolian geography and offer them to us.


Anatolian Sun brand was founded by Eylül Harvest Farm Agricultural Products Limited Company with a view to spread unspoiled tastes of Anatolia across our country and the world, thereby, offering added value to our country.

First and foremost, Anatolian Sun that started its journey with Karakilcik Wheat, one of the hidden tastes of Anatolia that survived until today, shortly added ‘Virgin Honey (Ogul Bali)’ and ‘Extracted Honey’ produced at an average altitude of 1500-2000 meters and ‘Green Village Lentil’ to its product range.

Anatolian Sun, wishing to research and start producing products reflecting richness of Anatolia which are almost extinct and enhance its product range continues to serve both Anatolia and the human health.


We are happy to announce the cooperation between us and Akseka Zeytinyağı which shares the purpose of hitting the road and ideals of Anatolian Sun as well as was founded seven years ago with the same purpose. Our products are available for sale via the official online sale platform of . By clicking "Alışveriş" link at on product pages and the home page, you’re directed to

Welcome to Anatoliansun

100% Natural

We care about foodstuffs we offer to you. Thus, we derive our products at the right geography with the right methods.

Fresh at All Times

It is you who will decide when to eat. We’re packaging products in a manner enabling them to remain fresh under the best conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Traditional Taste

Taste of the plainness is for you. We only produce those products that have remained unspoiled for thousands of years until the present day.

The Best Quality

Because you deserve it. We do not compromise on anything for the sake of protecting our quality. We produce concise but quality products.

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